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Have you recently sold a property? We all know that the best way to get more listings is to be seen selling houses. Your digital marketing shouldn’t stop once you sell, in fact, in many cases it’s your best foot forward!

Our sold packages give you the opportunity to share your unique value proposition to a select, targeted audience of homeowners.

E.G. 123 Example Lane SOLD by multi-offer, I have 2 remaining buyers eager to purchase property in Greenlane. If you’re thinking of selling your Greenlane home, avoid the marketing fees and GET IN TOUCH TODAY.


The targeting available through our Targeted Sold package puts your ‘SOLD’ post in front of people who are buying and selling property within your target area, for two weeks. Our unique database of area-specific buyers and sellers will be served your ads on your choice of platform – Facebook or Google. You won’t have to lift a finger to put this post together; our team of designers and strategists do the hard work for you. 


All of the benefits of the Targeted Sold package, only larger.

The Performer Sold package targets our unique database of area-specific buyers and sellers as supplied by Ray White head office for three weeks rather than just two. Not only does it use re-marketing to this database, but it now uses the added strategy of targeting through hyper-location. This is your digital magic 50. Properties within a three kilometre radius of your recently sold property will be shown your SOLD post. Become a known name in the area – for the right reasons.


Yet another step up.

Our Elite Sold package is offering even more marketing span, with a four week running duration and a larger hyper-location targeting radius. With Elite Sold, you don’t have to pick which platform you’d like your ads displayed; we run them on both Facebook and Google. Our Elite Sold package can now include up to three sold posts within the one package. More sold posts – more future sales.

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