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Having a professional website not only builds your perception in the eyes of vendors but it builds your personal brand. Our website packages are designed to be low-maintenance, cost-effective, marketable and search engine friendly. They’re designed to centralise your key value propositions. These could include regional market insights, key career milestones, sold testimonials and frequently asked questions. The primary purpose of owning a website within Real Estate is to position yourself as a trusted, competitive, market leader.

Update at home


New listing? Sold testimonial? Recent award? Make changes to your website easily with our advanced visual composer and basic editor – at no additional cost.

Prefer a more hands-off approach? Our team is always here to help.



Whats included

Home *

Your website landing page.

Share your title, tagline, mission and your smiling face.

Price: $500 +GST one-off set up*

About *

Where people go to learn more about you and what you offer.

Share your story, values, achievements and point of difference.

Price: $500 +GST one-off set up*

Listings *

The central hub for your listings.

For intermediate and premium packages, these will be updated live on your website using your office API. For our starter package this will be linked off page to your listings within your office website.

Price: $500 +GST one-off set up*

Contact *

Phone number, email address and location.

This is where prospective vendors go to get in touch with you. 

Price: $500+GST one-off set up*

Testimonials *

Where you showcase your buyer and seller testimonials.

Sold by multi-offer within 2 weeks? This is where you share your wins with the world.

Price: $500 +GST one-off set up*

SSL certificate *

The https:// that comes before your domain, securing your website.

Having an SSL certificate proves to the end user that your website is safe, secure and can be trusted. Beyond its technical benefits of securing your website data, it helps towards SEO and gives users confidence to browse and enquire through your website. 

Price: $150 +GST per year*

News/Blog **

A place to share updates, market insights and expert knowledge.

Show vendors you’re active, cement updates and achievements in one place. A reference point for vendors doing research, looking for tips, advice and someone who stands out from the rest.

Price: $300 +GST one-off set up* 

Analytics **

Monitor your website traffic. 

Interpret your marketing and advertising performance by monitoring your website traffic from your mobile phone. You can later share advertisements with this valuable audience through re-marketing. 

Price: $250 +GST one-off*

SEO structuring (one-off) **

Show up in Google search organically, for the right search terms.

The process of SEO starts with on-page structuring, which involves optimising your websites content for the search engine to understand. On-page SEO structuring also makes advertising on key search terms more cost effective. If you’re considering advertising on your site, or if you want to be found for specific search terms, this ones a no brainer.

Price $800 +GST one-off set up*

Live API ***

A live feed of your listings displayed within your website on your listings page.

With the Starter and Performer packages, your listings page links back to your listings displayed on office website. With our Elite package, they all live in one place, on your website.

Price: $800 +GST one-off set up*

Appraisal portal ***

A vendor facing portal built in to your website.

A place where you can direct vendors to supply additional information required to undertake a competitive appraisal. Information can include property details, key dates, price expectations, marketing budgets, you name it, we can do it. Once completed, the software can automatically send a follow up message thanking the vendor for their submission, as well as email your assistant and personal email with the brief form. In most cases, we can even integrate these leads with your lead management software.

Price $500 +GST one-off set up*

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